Francis Menotti

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I'm Francis. I do magic.

So… you are bringing together a group of friends, family, customers, employees, neighbors, strangers… You want your guests to laugh together. You want them to rave about your gathering for years to come. As a host, you want to be a stand-out success. It's easy: just give me a call.


You have discerning taste.

You appreciate the finer things in life. Whether it is cuisine, art, or entertainment, you know what you like, and you want the very best.


A full time professional magician since 2000, Francis has over 30 years experience practicing sleight of hand. Whether entertaining on six-star cruise lines, U.S. Presidential Inaugural Balls or your intimate private events, Francis consistently impresses. He has also earned respect as an international industry leader, inventing, writing and lecturing on new magic for fellow magicians.


In addition to magic, Francis finds passion in being a writer, marathoner, rock climber, carpenter, and amateur chef. He artfully draws upon his education in psychology, advertising and theatre to captivate and charm audiences across five continents. He is constantly adapting to different languages and bridging cultural barriers with a universal language of wonder.


Cover bands are fun, but it's tough to beat the original. The same goes for magic! While most magicians learn their repertoire from others, Francis writes original magic for his audiences and for fellow magicians. Furthermore, directors for film, television and theatre projects often look to Francis for custom magic and creative problem solving.




If you want to give your guests a truly special experience that they will never forget...

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Phone: 215-920-4284

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